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  JaQ Stevenson: I created Skool Dayz and set up Happi Bomb. I am teh Main Artist! I follow my artistic ambitions and have a passion 4 rave. I normally draw strait in pen and have been drawing like tht 4 many years! Well thts all i got to say bout me really... If u wanna know more bout me than see my profile page! Or even better, my myspace Kwl PLUR!

 Toni Teh Innocent 1: My cuuuuute wittle Kandi Kitten Raver Girl friend! I love her soooooooooo Much!!! She Draws Skool Dayz V.A! <3 <3 <3 See her artwork at Apparently she waz inspired by my artwork n i liked hers alot so we fell in loooooooove! "Not only art but other things 2" We kinda created Skool Dayz togaver! but since she cant draw in my stile she does her own comics! Based on teh same thing. 



24 / May / 2009

New Homepage tune! new Pic from me! new Pic from Tonii! Chek out Mini comics n pics page!