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FAN PpL'zz GO ER£!!!

I Neva fort Happi Bomb would become populaar within the Freewebs Community "Most of which are Web COmic Artists" but still... it has... and people are soooo friekin Hardcore tht they draw Fanart, Add my MSN n beg me to death 2 be in my Comicz! I feel so Appreciated n take alot of intrest in my Fanz! Thankyou all so much! 4 ur kindness i reward u lot with ur very own Fan Pag£££! Have fun!



kk sum of u av aredy got my Email n chat 2 me alot *CoughJOSHCough!* lolz... yeh! wanna chat? jus wak in my addy on ur MSN! im on quite alot! ... btw i dont use AIM or any of the other Instant messenger Crap ¬¬ jus MSN... i also answer general Emails! ^^ Msn isnt the only way to chat! Also go on my Myspace! (u have to add me on it jus lettin u know)... i also have a Youtube if any1ns intrested!


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U can vote 2 characters if u want!


Thank You gd Fanz For Drawin me sum awesome Fan Art! i expect 2 see sum more! *hint Hint* ... ¬¬ Yeh Kool! lol

to submit Fan Art drop of the URL in my Comments/Guestbook Page or the Forum! u can also send it by Email or MSN

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JaQ Wallpaper/Yourix site Promotion Thingy! By Youri at

Toni WallPaper! "only problem is he spelt Toni wrong... oh well lol!" By Youri at

Skool Dayz Remixed by Josh n Sam! by Josh Brennan at



Here are sum of my doodles i doodled in Class which u may find intrestin!


Done this last year for a Rememberence BTEC Project at Skool... i forgot i done it lol! yeh i think u can tell it uses basically the same colour sceme as Skool Dayz and simular character designs lol! there is a line down the middle coz this is 2 pages stuck togaver incorrectly ¬¬

Lol eva wondered how i come up wid my ideas??? well i doodle em first.... wats cha fink ...................... SHUP!!!


yesh this is a doodle i done in a whole maths lesson.... i jus drew wateva random thing came up in meh head. lol

Belive it or not... this is part of my education... my artwork i did for my mocks, sumtimes i jus love to draw random crazy psychodelic shit like this... btw guess wat the theme is! ... SONIC!!!



Factz 4 TH£ FaNZ!

yhere are a couple of Happi bomb facts only fans would take intrest in or appriciate...


Nearly all the characters in Skool Dayz are actually based on real life people.


Happi Bomb waz founded by JaQ Stevenson in 2004... bak then it waz known as T.S.I "the stickmen industries" Nerdy i know... 


Before T.S.I JaQ made cartoon strips along with a boy named Alex Grey. there amature company was known as J.A "Jack n Alex" in this period of time Ant waz created.


Ant waz the Happi Bomb mascot up till 2006 when Skool Dayz was created. JaQ is now the mascot...


a Fanase rumour states that Raver is a main mascot... i think this is possibly coz i made a standup figurine of Raver along with JaQ for Happi Bomb promotion. however Raver is just as equal as Emo in the EnR comic...


in the new saga teaser poster Toni is seen with real cat ears. thies ears are almost identical to those of a prototype comic called "Super Pepea Cat" i was planning to make.


The characters Josh and Sam who dubuted in the KOTTD saga are actually based on real Skool Dayz Fans. they go by there own comic at and were the first to request to be part of Skool Dayz. even more astownding is there not even british! there americans.


Skool Dayz has had no real Prototypes.... as u can see hairstyles and other things are constantly changing throughout the process.



24 / May / 2009

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