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 If ur a bit unsure 2 wot this is, "Skool Dayz" Is a modern Comic strip/Cartoon created in early 2007 for mature teen/adult audiences. Like Comedy central's "Drawn Togather" this is also a cartoon reality show based around School culture. it follows the lives of a group of School students with all quite different personalitys and features. The more popular character "JaQ" is featured most of the time. The cartoon is based in High school "obviously" called Bentside. All the characters have many differen't storys to tell. The cartoon is mainly aimed at teenagers but because of the freakquent and hard Lanquage, Violence and sex this would also strongly appeal to adults. The Comic is random. It has a story line but at the same time, doesn't. All the characters seem 2 be aware that they are in a comic strip. Now onto the art, In the beginning i waz thinking up indivisual ideas 4 a new comic. "since all my previous comics wer unidivisual n faliures 2 me" I came up with Bland black and white mixed with dashes of colour! for example, The skool uniforms n skin of the characters are shades of grey yet the tie is bright red. I also added a sence of insanity to the comics, Arrows n question/explanation marks are all over the comic. Then theres the slight anime features. i made the emotions of the characters simular to chibi Manga/anime stile. Last but not least an urban rave scene feel is mixed into it! All togaver i guess i waz just trying to do sumiin new n i waz experimenting. Im not sure wat els to say bout "Skool Dayz" ... I just know its the greatest comic ive done yet! n im gonna carry on!!! i hope this infomation waz helpful 2 u.


Alturnate universe of Skool Dayz! created by Toni "My Girlfriend <3" in 2007 Its basicly Skool Dayz drawn in a different stile, Anime/Manga/Chibi infact! The story lines are just a tad less Explicit too! Toni Says Skool Dayz inspired her so she tried drawing it! ...unfortunatly it didn't work so she tried drawin it in her stile n Wola! Skool Dayz Version Anime waz born! To see her comics go to our lil sister site: !!!


Emo n Raver is a smaller Sub-Comic that was created in 2008. It is drawn in the Same Stile as Skool Dayz! Yet is alot more vibrant and colourful. While Skool Dayz is Big bussiness. Emo n Raver Has gained alot of minor Fans quite quickly! Possibly because it looks nicer! Its based on two characters from two tottally different sub-Cultures! and the setting is somewhere in Candem "Sub Culture Haven in London" I was inspired to make this comic because i am very interested in the Emo and Rave Culture! Being a Raver myself im into rave! But i know alot of emo's! anyway thts about it i guess! Read my Emo n Raver Comics on the Comicz Page!  



24 / May / 2009

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