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Us£less Character Bioz!?!?

m goull only probly pay attention 2 this if ur a Hardcore Skool Dayz Fanatic ¬¬ meh may be intresting if ur wondering who the f*ck all the characters are... well here u go... have fun.

JaQ Stevenson: JaQ is the main character and is based on.. erm.. me.. "Im not tht Vain! lol" Yeh anywayz JaQ may seem like an asshole at times, He's Noisey, Egotistical, Rude, Naughty and extreamly perverted! But dont let his 1st impressions ruin ur whole view on him... he is also a good role 4 a leader... Later on u will find out JaQ's true nature to be Loyal, Romantic and Sweet but he hardly shows this... wot a shame ¬¬ With his iconic Spikey hair along with a totally mental Attitude i present the main character, JaQ!!!

Toni KoNeko: You know in Anime wen they have tht 1 lil cute chick? yeh u know the 1 they usualy look like 10 years old! well yeh... Toni Koneko is like tht 1 cute loli gone Skool Dayz style! By her beautiful blue eyes and looks u would think she is the most innocent! but is she? we will see *wink* Toni is the complete opposit of JaQ. She is polite and well mannerd. she is rather smart 2... Throughout the Comic u will notice tht this younge lady has a crush on JaQ... and shows alot of simpathy for him, even when hes being a dickhead. This extreamly Cute girl leads a very important role in the comic!

Tommii LeFluffy: JaQ's best Mate.. yet like toni, also the complete opposit. Unlike jaQ, Tommii is interlectual, melo and ginger.. basically he plays it cool. He is the appathetic type and is the brains behind the gang. He is definatly serious bussiness. Tommii's love for Online gaming kinda gets in the way of reality to him thoh. lol... so yeah... dont mess wid Tommii or he'll set his Flying Tiger on u bluv!

Jourdan De Suze: Jourdan is ur typical big breasted hottie wid an incredible temper. Shes best mates wid Toni n theres a reason for her mean sence of humour and its because she has a Bitch Syndrome lol! shes not butch buts shes sure manly on the strength side. *worried look* Throughout the comics "usualy the earlier stories" u will notice JaQ's vast obbsession wid gettin his lil hands on her huge tits ¬¬... but sumthing happens which almosts costs them there friendship "if they even have 1 lol" and JaQ finally resigns from sexual harrasment. like JaQ she also has a nice sweet gentel side thoh...

Jaid Ebanks: Jaid is big, tall and cudderly... hes probly the most friendly of the bunch and will never make u cry... unless ur a vegetarian and hate seeing chickens swallowed whole. Jaid's like the muscle of the group but is sumtimes a complete sissy... hes even forced to dress in a cheer leaders outfit.... yet he sumhow likes this... this suggests he is mabey slightly transexual... Lol jus kiddin! even thoh jaid lacks comon sence from time to time he is a swell guy!

Claire Palmer: Claire once being a zombie is now a complete lezbian freek! she is a bright, cheerful, happy girl while on the other hand she is extreamly horny 24-7 and wants tit all the time... watch out jourdan! lmao she is toni's gd friend and despite being like a big sis 2 her... claire will always let her female sex syndrome run out of controlle! she seems to get confused around boys and doesnt understand how to find them attractive.

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