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9 / Sep / 09 "Comics still on hold but Skool Dayz Live gets Spotlight!!! yes... its epi 3"

mann... i feel so bad for not updating.... ive recently started 6th form (in skool university/college type thing) and i havnt had time to draw anythin really... untill just yesterday... but ill tell u bout my other plans some other time. For now ive got BIG NEWZ as it is!! ... its finally here... Skool Dayz Live... nope not one of thoise shitty Snow / Summer spin off episodes... its the long awaited (by a few people lol) Episode 3!! this is by far the funniest epi yet!! thats not all!! for i also have a new YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! since my channel Raveakidd is bein used for other things now such as my obbsession with sonic. ive reuploaded Epi 1 and 2 (ill do spin off eps lator) onto the new Happi Bomb youtube account!! if ur a fan of Skool Dayz Live!! please subscibe!! if u wanna chek out my obbsession with sonic the hedgehog... visit my old channel lmao!



6 / Jul / 09 "Virus Ring beta footage released"

Ok guys... im so sorry i havnt updated in months... ive just beeen soooooooooooooooooo busy with stuff n havnt had time to draw or even take a glance at this site! along with being uninspired... but anyhow... im not sure wen the continuation of Skool Dayz and other happi bomb related comics will take place. sorry all..... all ive got is this footage of Happi Bomb Video game project, Virus Ball! this footage was taken at a beta/prototype stage in development ! then known as "Virus Ring" ...enjoy


13 / Mar / 09 "Toni n Jourdan get a place on the Picz Album!"

2 of toni's awesome Anime picz av been added to the mini comicz n picz page!! ey whats that!? Jourdan 2! haha yep she also draws SD.. sorta... her work is simular to Toni's so yah! check that shizzle out!! Oh yeh speakin of Jourdan i also found a tune which reminds me of her so much! the liricks go "shes a complicated girl... i want to get into her mind... n find out why shes angry all the time... shes so beautiful....ect" lol in any case its a Great Dubstep tune! its on the home page if u havnt noticed!

13 / Mar / 09 "Oldskool Happi Bomb Characters get new comic"

Well i started a New Skool Dayz Saga.. this 1ns gonna be alot shorter then KOTTD Saga! infact this 1ns jus like a mini comic split into several pages... are lemmi get to the point lol! the story dont make sence yet again! JaQ (me) is lookin thoh sum old T.S.I Comics n suddenly gets sucked in "dont ask why i jus do" Then where am i??? Inside the world of ANT!?!?! Interesting... The comics in 3 Parts... 1stly its gonna be Ant Dayz, then Skool Dayz vs The Anihumans, then lastly HB vs J.A... now thats what i call oldskool... this is a chance for me to draw old characters out of pure nostolgia and please Skool Dayz fans 2!!! YAY!! check it out on the Mini Comicz n Picz album!

26 / Apr / 09 "Jourdan and toni lezbian xxx action yeh baby uh huh!

Welp.... not really but i filmed a funny vid of us lot in the park! yep a new edition to the Skool Dayz Live series!! =D (still not epi 3 ¬¬) anyway this time it aint snowin, infact... its a beautiful day! Tommii makin daisy chains 4 sum reason... jourdan takin a nap while we teebag her... toni jus bein fucking adorable n me... jus... doin sh*t! so yah trick yah!! chek diz shizzzle out!


19 / Apr / 09 "Need i say more???"

Just Click the god Damm Banner Dammit! n scroll down the page a lil!

17 / Apr / 09 "The taist of Oldskool Retro Happi Bomb"

welp... as requested by a fan *CoUghJosh,aGaiNCOugh!!* here are sum comics n covers picked out from my old retro drawings (2004 - early 2006) Here we have some pics n strips from the old ANT series... carefully selected by me... also a taist of my old comic,  Anihumans, which really reminds me of Skool Dayz... has me n my mates in it lol! tommii looks gay in his tight lepard outfit... shit i cant talk *sweat* anyway also the never really heard of before Full Metal Jacket Series! which is violent Stickmen action!!! last but definatly not least is a super badasss Xtream Milky Generation Cover! as u can see by thies i go through many different drawing fazes n styles!


12 / Apr / 09 "Homepage re-vamped a lil n Loooooadsa non comic picz finally uploaded!"

Heya! was gettin a lil bored of my homepage so i re-wrote the welcome bit n added a sexy banner!!! anyway heres the big newz!  now if u wer on this site since the begginin u would remember the "picz" page! well remember all those kool picz on there!! (notmentioningthatawfulhentaione) well... there all back!!! plus loadsa new ones!!! even photo's show casing all my early comics n the legendery minimon cards!!! O.O GEAAHH!!!! ... sorry no new Skool Dayz comics yet...  coming soon i promis... but for now u can chek out all the picz! oh yeh! i renamed the "Skool Dayz Miniz" album! its now "Skool Dayz Picz n Mini Comicz" album! all the new pictures im talkin about are in there!  SKOOL DAYZ PICZ N MINI COMICZ ALBUM

7 / Apr / 09 "SDL presents The worst video game eva and sonic tribute!"

Yay! new skool dayz live vid!! this time its only me.. yeh.. im a loner...... Jus playin sonic! then.. i need a shit.....after that. WAIT! wtf why am i tellin u jus watch the damm vid! oh yeh i also made an awesome oldskool sonic the hedgehog tribute vid!



7 / Apr / 09 "Skool Dayz Clone found on random hentai site!?"

kk lol so i was just looking through my skool dayz pics and came across summin i found a long time ago while browzing the interwebz coughforhentaicough!! lmao doesnt this croped image from sum hentai doujinshi remind u of typical JaQ!! haha! hes even got the iconic hair n the horny face n evrythin! if there was a Skool dayz anime it would probly look like this! as u can see i edited it so he sez "OMFG BEWBS!" insted of sum random japanese crap! hehe... i dont think this deserves to be in the newz page but oh well! lol... hmm tht reminds me, do u lot wanna see the second part of the skool dayz hentai doujinshi series! this 1 will feature Joooourdan!

3 / Apr / 09 "Rocket Cat Concept artwork"

Heya Happi Bombers! workin on the idea of "Rocket Cat" i mensioned earlier! here is sum concept artwork i drew in my free period at skool! he looks pretty cute lol! one question?? wat colour should he be!? i dont really wanna use grey coz nearly all my chracters a grey! Ant, Skool Dayz, ect.... Red doesnt work... makes him look like a demon... black is kool but i suits more of a mysterious villain... i kinda like yellow... but he looks like pikachu... so i dunno... orange mabi? lemmi know plz!

Click for Larger Image!


1 / Apr / 09 "sorry people..."

im am sorry.... sorry friends,,, sorry freewebs buddies... sorry fans.... but... *cry* i will no longer be carrying on with Skool Dayz... i really just cant be bothered and GCSE's are a pain in the assss! so... farewell..... and r.i.p Skool Dayz........... heh heh! April Foolss!!! hahaha got cha! welp im still apologising anyway... for the lack of comic making/updating once again ¬¬... like i sed a moment ago, i got GCSE's ... there a fucking pain in the ass.... so im not avin alot of time to draw n shizzle... also, if u dont know aredy im a huuuuuge oldskool sonic fanboy! so im gonna forfil summin ive always wanted to do! im gonna be drawin a mini comic on my hero Sonic the hedgehog! (non sonic fans probly wont find it tht intresting) but hey! dont worry ill sill be doin skool dayz! this is jus gonna be a small comic like Emo n Raver... so yah! 1 more thing...... me n my mate jaid came up wid an insane idea for a character... a cat with goggles n a rocket straped to its back! simply named Rocket Cat!! sound kool? gimmy feed back plz.

19 / Mar / 09 "Look who comes crawling back..."

if your an oldskooler on this site "visiting last year" u would know about me banning the comic albums "Season 1 and Season 2" ... (for more info on this event scroll down n find the article of the time... should be here sumwhere) anyway... well seems as thoh people miss em now WTF! notably a hardcore fan *CoughJosh* kept askin me to bring em bak! well ur wish is granted princess! Season 1 and 2 have been re-uploaded to the SD MIniz Album ...anywayz for newbies... jus to let you know the reason i deleted em in the 1st place is as follows... there all bunch of demonic vulgur crap... need i say more... i fink of it "and hope u see it" as simply just concept artwork hehe. if an1 wants me to take em off jus gimmi a shout! as ide be kinda glad to... those comics represent me in a bad way... anyways if perhaps u are intrested in my old works i can upload sum of the comicz i did before skool dayz! like ANT! if so jus ask! Minimon Cards anyone!?

16 / Mar / 09 "another SDl vid? need i say more?"

Yaaaay! episode 3 is out! ... ha u wish! yeah we wer tryin to film sum of epi 3 n we noticed were actually more funny wen we not acting! therefore ive made a 9 min long out takes vid! Awesome! crap at 1st but 1ns its past 3 mins it is JOKEZ!!!! enjoy ... this is the best example of the typical english noob 


23 / Feb / 09 "Virus Ring Returns!!!!!"

Happi Bomb is fully rejooovinated n is gonna get bak into Video Game Development! u heard it! Virus ring is bak! n its now called Virus Ball!!! lol dont ask! it jus makes more sence kay! well thts all on tht 1 for nowz!

23 / Feb / 09 "Skool Dayz Live Special!!!"

Hey Peeps! Today ide like to present to you another episode of Skool Dayz Live! !!!BY THE WAY THIS IS NOT EPISODE 3!! it is a special Snow day episode! i decided to recored some clips of an extreamly rare London Snow Day! ive decided to name it Skool Dayz LIve White Stuff... Outragious i know... i hads fun watchin Jourds n Toni make snow penises ¬¬ and devouring them O.o ... welp kl kl


18 / Feb / 09 "Skool Dayz Theme Tune ... thankz to good ol' Youriiiii!!!"

GEEEAAAHHH!!! My pal Youri at YouriX has made me a tune! Exclusive for Skool Dayz! just to let you know hes pretty Damm Popular on newgrounds for Audio submissions so yeh! heh heh! Skool Bells with Fast intence Dark Jungle Breaks is just what i imagend a theme for SD to be like! ... only thing is i dont have enough webspace to put it on my homepage... i have to get round tht sumhow but hey its an awesome tune!


18 / Feb / 09 "Merchendise and plushie collection concept artwork!"

Soz its been a while since i updated! well im back n presentin u thies fabulous designs 4 Skool Dayz Merchendise! i mean imagen if those plush dolls were real! ide buy em ... AnD SOoOoo WoouLD YooooOooou!!! *hypnotic tone of voice* ££££ ... heehee yeah so here u go... i also done a talkin jaid plushie 4 laffs! jus click on teh picz 4 larger image!


26 / jan / 09 "wateva happened to Skool dayz V.A?!"

a few people have asked me questions about updates for Skool dayz V.A and my answer is this! ... well since its never updated n me n toni av lost all intrest in it... we figured wed jus ... delete it.... LOL! only jokin! its still in my affilates page lol! anywayz toni's comicz will now be uploaded onto the main website! oh wat da ya knoww! theres sum aredy there! check out a whole steamin batch of tonis new comic now! just click on the banner below! "rejoice!" shout the manga/anime fanzz!

26 / jan / 09 "Jourdan draws Skool Dayz????????"

Not many know it, but Jourdan "ya know the busty emo chick" can draw really well! anyhow it waznt intended but jourdan drew a comic about us lot! yep... very simular to Skool dayz Manga. However she has denied it being under the name Skool dayz n rather it just be a personal comic 2 show 2 mates! jus imagen tht stupid Skins programme remixed with Skool Dayz n u get this.

07 / jan / 09 "new slightly queer merchendise..."

kk... i gotta admit it i really rushed this... i jus wanted it for desperate reasons lol. yesh... its a flamboiant lookin skool dayz tee shirt... yesh it is very badly coloured... no u dont want it! yesh thts wot i fort!!! B**CH! anyway, so yeh anyway... ide jus call this a draft 4 now! of corse im gonna make a better 1! anyway presenting 2 u, my crappy Skool Dayz Tee shirt........ tht sucks... like shadow the hedgehog

as u can see im also gonna be putin the edsact date up wen makin newz entries......... yay ¬¬

05 / jan / 09 "Another New and slightly less intresting Skool Dayz Poster!"

Hey Slagz! im baK! soz i havnt been updatein its coz im on half term n hangin wid mates lol! anywayz yesterday i drew page 41 of KOTTD n it gave me n idea for a new poster! lol thius aint a teaser its jus 4 laffs haha! ... so open ur mind, pull down ur pants and convert to gingerism! ps: soz 4 bad colouring... my ginger... i mean orange pen waz seriously runnin out... fack

"Skool Dayz MINIZ" series esstablished!

A New album is here!!! yet 1 has been deleted in its place.... ¬¬ its goin to have a bunch of Mini skool dayz comicz! much like ur average webcomics! Thies stories do not intersect with the saga's... the comic "Alpha Kenny Body" (as seen on page 38 of KOTTD) has aredy been put up! Dont woory bout the Kinda Dayz Comicz! there now on the Skool Dayz Miniz page aswell!


today i present a lil teaser poster for my next Skool Dayz saga! Yesh there is new characters! yesh there is another emo dood! Yesh there is a lady with huge jubblies! No this isnt coming before christmas! thts it im not tellin anymore infomation till ive completed the KOTTD saga... all i can say i this saga probly will be started during 2009...

New Episode so soon!?

Jus days after the release of Skool Dayz Live epi 1 comes the new episode 2!


SKOOL DAYZ MOVIE PROJECT????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

kk we have a number of secret projects... one of which was Virus Ring which wa cancled ¬¬... well ive actually been working on a tottaly new project ova the weekend... as u can probly work out from the title... ive been doin a lil Skool Dayz Media Project... heh heh! since i cant animate n all tht shizzle ive jus put a bunch of random funny clips of me n my mates togaver wid wierd sound effects n kool music! itl make u Laff i promis... ive named this project: Skool Dayz Live. ...not a very creative title but ey!!! ... ull be happy 2 know tht the first episode of this is finished and is currently o Youtube!!!!!


Where The F*ck is ANT!?!?!?!

Ouch.... yeeeh u know how i sed ill be doing a new series of comicz based on my old series "ANT" well.... see... tht may be held bak a while, as in its release date is pushed 2 a lator date... Soz evrybody... dunno jus couldnt be bothered i guess... Not sayin its over i wanna do it...but... jus not now! lolz yeh havnt updated this page in a while... not much newz goin on recently... jus new SKool Dayz comicz being put up n thts all really! well peace i gotta go eat now!

Skool Dayz Hentai Doujinshi

Manga erotica "Hentai" seems to have taken over the internet! theve got evrything! from Naruto n all sorts! Now Skool Dayz!?!?! This go's to show i can draw anime... a lil explicit content but can pass as softcore Hentai... no C**ks or F**kin or S**kin Included! jus Posein! n theres only 2 so dont get exited... ¬¬ The 1st Set is of Skool Dayz cutie... ya thts rite.... Toni ! Haha Jourdan fans u suck! Double click for larger image!



Virus Ring Project Scraped...

Sorry everyone but the virus ring project is no longer under development... it waz fun makin it but waz hell to upload... n i didnt even finish it... however one day i might regain inspiration 4 virus ring and put it back 2 work... but 4 now ill jus stick 2 makin comicz... "PS: if ur bored ... try  find the pic on this site with virus ball on it! The 1 below doesn't count!"

Very Very Very sorry for huge delay...

soz 4 all u patiant and inpatiant fans... theres been a huge delay in comic making around my summer holidays... due 2 lack of non inspiration and being very busy... as soon as i go into year 11 at skool ill be bak to drawin skool dayz, emo n raver and starting the new ANT comicz... "for more detail on the old ANT series go to the stickmen industries website." Anywayz so also sorry about the VIRUS RING project... i jus havnt been bothered... n uploading it is hell.... so im not sure wot 2 do about it. Summer holidayz wer awesome! a lil short thoh... i guess wen ur a teen... life jus flies by... ¬¬

Skool Dayz meets NINTENDO!!

Ive Made a Ds Game!!! ..... *!!!COUGHnot4realbutjustimagenanywayCOUGH!!!* lol this is a screen shot taken in the iconic Scene of JaQ's Boob obsession!!! lol Fill up his happy Meter "Green Bar" by pokeing Jourdans Boobs with the DS stylus while filling up Jourdans Bitch Syndrome "Red bar!" This game would involve Alot of things! I waz inspired by the Japanise game "Doki Doki Majo Shinpan" also 4 ds. it involves Touching up Skool Girls! lol n Odd at the same time! i guess this is takin the piss outa it!

*Click for larger Image*


JUN£ 2008!!!

A whole year of this bullS**t!!!

wow... Its been a whole f*ckin year since this site started! n more then tht since Skool Dayz actually begun! "We don't remember tht .... sadly... but we remember this site creation!" 27th June 2007! Thankies lets have a happy annerversary! ... oh yeh! Super smash bros brawl is out today aswell AWESOME!!! 

4 celebration i waz gonna put up sum Oldskool Drum n Bass on the homepage! "Early Skool Dayz fanz will recognize the track!" ... but i don't have enough webspace... However i will upload more kingdom of the Thund@ Dogz pages! and add a whole new Emo n Raver Galary! Plus a new Emo n Raver comic!!! ... ehem! 4 a bonus i might... jus might! "not promisin anything" put my ultra rare JaQ n Joey stand-up figuerines up 4 bids on ebay!! have a nice summer! Peace! The Happi Bomb is gonna Explode!!!!


Comicz Page has been re-mastered!!!

The Shitty, crap, annoyin, gay, bullchitcrap freewebs picture uploader waz really pissin me off! So ive completly re-made the Comicz page! Ive uploaded evry comic strip to photobucket and done lotsa links! "u betta fuckin gimi credit coz it took all nite!" With the handyness of the link u can now view the comic xtra large 4 ppl who hated the scale of the freewebs uploader ones. Plus as a bonus ill never run out of web space loooool! go suck **** Freewebs "sowy... i should be gr8ful ur hostin my site but comon! fix those god dam errors!!!" woah soz... im jabberin away again! anyway some unnessersary pages wer deleted like games and shop "Since u cant buy anything lol" ...  


Numba 1 Happi Bomb Fans make Fan-art in there main comic!!!

It seems Skool Dayz has gained sum minor popularity! and not just ere in England! but in.... AMERICA!!! ... Josh n Sam at JScomic Have made a deal with us! We put em in our comics n they put us in Theres! Plus all the Fan Art toni's done 4 em!!! Theve done a swell job and have done a bit aredy! were a lil slow so Josh n Sam wont be in our comics for a short time! Coming very soon in the Kingdom of Teh Thund@ DogZ season!!! Its great tht this site has alot more traffic!!! Help Josh n Sam get sum Traffic by clickin on this link!!!


Skool Dayz's New and Biggest Saga Yet!

Comic season 4 has been shortend to make way for our main feature story! Yes! First there waz Zombies and now its the Rise of the Thund@ Dogz!!! This Skool Dayz Story is set to be the biggest yet so u could call it a saga!!! JaQ Gets kicked outa skool n with him gone fellow Thund@ Dog leader "Ryan" Takes over! Wot will the Thund@ Catz do with out JaQ? Save him? ....hmmm Wanna know more spoilers? well Josh n Sam from Are Guest staring 2!!!


Happi Bomb's Secret project revealed???

The Happi Bomb Company has decided to try sumin new! Not the usual Pictures and comics! But a video Game??? ... Yes! a full Functioning downloadable video game created by me "JaQ Stevenson!" Since im not bothered to type all this go to the Virus ring page For the full story! "btw its free to download!"



Shop Till u drop! ... kinda... ¬¬

A new shop page has been added to the site! with items currently being put on "Page is under construction" ... sorry but u cant buy anything rite now! ... so insted weve put up the items for view only you could buy it in a couple of months time lolz! Once weve got things sorted out!

MAY 2008!!!

Seasons 1 and 2 Have been removed due to explicit content...

Recently ive been getting alot of hate mail from people! n it seems my comics are 2 offensive!!!! Ive got to admit they are! fine! i get ur point! However ive only got hate comments on my old comics "Seasons 1 and 2" It seems the 1st comics you lot look at is season 1 and 2 ones! then u find out they offensive n dont bother lookin at the new 1ns!!! I myself feel tht the newer comics are way more mature and with less sex, Violence ect "Ive still got sware words but surely u can handle tht! n theres actually less of them!" ... My soloution 2 all this is ..... deleting comic seasons 1 and 2!!! I know there my 1st but who cares! there takin up disk space anyway! n i still got the real versions! Sorry for those who actually like my comics! n 4 those who dont! WE ARE JUST FUCKING TEENS WAT DO YOU EXPECT!!!!!!!!!! I fink ive proven my point... anyway... try to enjoy seasons 3, 4 and Emo n Raver.



Yay! all this ridiculus waiting has finally paid off! New Albums "Season 4 Comicz" and "Emo n Raver" have been added to the comicz page!!!!!!!!! and Yes the 1st Emo n Raver comic is now avalible for free public viewing! ^_^ Enjoy! 


JaQ and Joey Stand-up Figurines

My first batch of Happi Bomb Mechensise! Thies six inch card collectables may look cheap but they do give my shelf a lil attitude! On the right is the iconic JaQ from "Skool Dayz" complete with his own Graphity Covered flame! And on the left is newcomer, Joey the Raver! from "Emo n Raver" whichi am currently creating a site for! I bet you want thies dont you! But there mine n there not 4 sale. soz...



EMO n RAVER project started and first comic completed

The new comic happi bombs all been talkin bout is finally launching! I am starting a new site for Emo n Raver while also managing the Skool Dayz site aswell! "it shouldn't b 2 much hassle!" Ive also completed the first Emo n Raver comic! Which will be avalible for public viewing soon...



OMG!!! I don't know whever im out of disk Space or my Freewebs account is being a F**king dick head!!! I cant seem to upload any new comics! it sez it is a Temporerally unavalable! but ive been waiting for weeks! I think even Months!!! its soooooooo annoying! hmmmmm i guess ill have to make another site to put more comics on! hmmmmmm... mabi ill tell u if i do kay!






APRIL 2008!


previous Happi Bomb/T.S.I Mascot might be returning to the comic book world! Ant will be making a reapearance soon, Thts all we can really tell you right now, We are currently thinking it up ... hmmmmmmmmm


More comicz uploaded! ... No infact tones!

Sorry about the wait but........... TONES OF MY COMICS ARE UPLOADED!!!! just click on the comics page n indulge urself in my artwork!!!